180 Dreams is a dream I share to inspire yours.

Throughout my university and career life, I have been blessed with endless opportunities. But life was really mundane to me and rather aimless. I'd wake up, go to work, go back home and the cycle continued.

One day, while clearing a bunch of books in my apartment, I stumbled upon my old computer science books. Computer, coding and anything tech have been a part of my life so much but I was really afraid of failures that I gave up trying to minor in Computer Science and abandoned the thought of excelling as a web developer and marketer.

I thought you could either be an artist or a scientist. Not both. What stopped me from having that thought is when I started asking myself what makes me truly happy. I realized coding, creating things online and seeing my code comes to live make me really happy. I suddenly remember days when I'd code and forget to eat it's really something for a foodie like myself. I now understand that my fears have been strangling me from doing what I love. Now, I am determined to learn coding - one project at a time. Also, I don't give a damn whether I am more of an artist or a coder, and if it is possible to be both. I just want to do what I love to do.

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