My name is Audrey. I am an UI / UX Designer & Front-end developer specializing in UX Design. I work mainly with Bootstrap, Wordpress, PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascripts. I am also the founder of a Digital Agency, uxelle.

My goal is to create effective digital solutions to bring returns for businesses.

Feel free to contact me at hello@uxelle.co

My Expertise:

UX / UI Design

I love designing web and digital solutions for businesses! You can check out my design below 👇

Front-End Development

HTML / CSS / JQuery / Javascript / PHP / Wordpress

Digital Marketing

I love analyzing what doesn't or what works for my clients!

Minimalist design

I believe sometimes you just have to leave things as they are.

Past Work

Other Work

Easy Spa Singapore
Black Boys Code
International Yoga Festival Vancouver 2017

Easy Spa Singapore

Digital Marketing responsibilities such as PR releases, social media content creation and design.

Black Boys Code

Brochure creation to promote coding to boys!!

International Yoga Festival Vancouver 2017

Involved in logo and brochure creation.

Work Experience

uxelle.co (2017-Current)

Founder, creative, administrator...

CBRE Vancouver (2016-2017)

Marketing Coordinator: Designing brochures, coordinating marketing materials and progress for commercial properties.

Digital Designer (engaged by digital agencies)

Projects (Singapore): DBS Buddy, Mamonde Singapore, Wilmar (Mobile Design)
Projects (Vancouver): ChrisMeger.ca, BraymarManufacturing.com
Freelance Projects: Amoda Tea, Scentuals, Easy Spa Singapore, Yoga Festival 2017, HousingMediaMatters.com

Writings / Muse

Find me on uxelle | My Blog | Medium | Thought Catalog

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Contact me

Phone Number
+65 9174 0477