Audrey Joanne

Yeas that's me. I am a UX UI Designer with coding skills.
My frienemies are HTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery, Javascript.
I work mostly with Wordpress or on a notepad.
I blog here and founded

Here's some of my work 👇

    • CBRE Vancouver

    • Real Estate Marketing
      Property Brochure | Proposal Design
    Responsibilities: Brochure Design, Real Estate Marketing (Commercial), Proposal design & Coordinating property marketing from closing to sale.

    This was a full-time job with title - Marketing Coordinator during my time in Vancouver.

    • DBS Buddy

    • Web Design
      UI Design
    Responsibilities: I was engaged by a design agency and helped in creating this web layout for a project they had with DBS.

    • Mamonde Singapore

    • Digital Design
      Social Media
    Responsibilities: Working with a design agency, I designed social media images for Mamonde (during my time of work) and participated in creative discussions to increase Mamonde social media presence in Singapore.

    • Scentuals Bodycare

    • Digital Marketing
      Digital Design
    Responsibilities: I was responsible in both the planning and execution of Scentuals' digital marketing plan. I wrote press releases, designed marketing materials and carried out the marketing plan we had.

    Achievements include growing their social media followers from 0 to 899 in 3 months
    increasing their email marketing revenue from $0-$50 to $3,000 per month.
    Getting Diana Bang (an actress from Vancouver) post an organic Twitter post on their products.
    Getting Scentuals featured Vancouver Magazine (payment not involved).